Wash My Face with Oil? Wait, what?

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It’s very hard to comprehend the concept of cleansing the skin with oil.  In fact, to those with oily skin, the idea can be somewhat terrifying. Those with excessive oil often look for products with “oil-free” in bold letters on cleansers and it would not be unreasonable to think that oil would clog pores and leave the skin feeling greasy. However, there is a little bit of logic behind the use of oil to remove impurities from your face.  Let me explain.

Harsh foaming cleansers, though they may leave the skin feel tight and clean, are actually stripping away the natural oils of the skin.   This natural barrier is called the “acid mantle” which is a very thin film on the skin’s surface designed to protect the skin from bacteria, viruses, dryness and potential environmental contaminants.  Stripping this away can lead to irritation, breakouts amongst other issues. For dry skin, the removal of the protective layer can mean excessive dryness, which can be hard to rectify. For those with oily skin, the result may be over-production of natural oil to compensate for the lack of  oil creating more oil than is required. It’s certainly a tricky balance!

Though the idea is challenging, the premise makes sense.  The theory is that “like attracts like”, so in this instance, the oil actually binds itself to pore-clogging substances like make-up, sunscreen and dirt.  Oil can actually remove the detritus of the day, plus help achieve balance for the skin.

Not all oils are fit for the purpose for cleansing - we spent many weeks here at Need Alchemy researching and testing for our White Willow and Melon Cleansing Oil.   We researched the best herbs for cleansing and used the time- honoured process of infusion, soaking these powerful herbs in a base of Sunflower oil for a minimum of 6 weeks.  Superstar herbs like:

*White Willow Bark - a natural exfoliant which helps the skin to shed dead skin cells

*Dandelion - an antioxidant which fights those nasty free radicals which damage the skin

*Gotu Kola - promotes collagen production to slow down the aging process

*Hibiscus - a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids, which can help exfoliate and clean clogged pores

We then selected more base oils such as Watermelon Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Castor Oil, all perfect for cleaning the skin.  Finally we added Pure Essential Oils, chosen for their antibacterial, astringent and antioxidant properties. A true cleansing powerhouse!

All ingredients are natural and designed to clean the skin while not stripping away it’s natural goodness.   This takes all of the work out of it for you!

The method for oil cleansing is quite simple - place 3-4 pumps of our White Willow and Melon Cleansing Oil onto the palm of your hand, rub together then massage onto face for 1-2 minutes, focusing on problem areas.  Remove with a warm face cloth, rinse and wipe gently again. Find out more about our Cleansing oil here.

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