Do I Need A Body Scrub??

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Body scrubs seem to be the new black. Are they are fad or is there a reason for they are saturating the skincare market?

Well, lets start with your skin. Just have a feel of the back of your thighs. Run your fingers along your skin up to your backside. Are they feeling super smooth, nourished and so hydrated that they glisten in the sun? Good on you, pat yourself on the back. You are blessed with perfectly smooth non cellulite skin. Move on. 

However if you are not, like most of the population and need a little help and when I mean help, I mean that your skin needs some love, care and some serious salt exfoliation attention. 

This is where we come in. After months of creating and testing. We have created THE BEST Body salt scrub you will find on the market.

Why ours? We use real ingredients and You will have an amazing sensorial experience in the shower and be left with beautiful silky smooth, floral smelling, hydrated skin that not only uplifts your mind, it improves your skin health and leaves a smile on your face. You will be hanging out to have your next shower. 

Our lovely Herbalist (and Co Founder), Andrea has formulated an infusion with 12 therapeutic powerhouse skin healing herbs infused in a rich anti inflammatory base, effective for skin issues and highly emollient. Rose Hips assist the Himalayan salt to exfoliate to improve circulation, also high in Vitamin C and a natural astringent to help smooth skin.

Hayley our Aromatherapist (Co-founder) has created a synergy of three amazing skin rejuvenating Pure Essential oils to heal, help drain your lymph nodes, promote new healthy skin cell growth and balance your mood. 

It's important that you will scrub at least 3 times a week to gain benefit towards a healthy radiant look. And no, you won't find those annoying coffee bits left behind that are hard to wash off the tiles, down the drain and off the towels. You will only find the sweetest smelling rose hips and you may be constantly touching your beautiful smooth skin. 

So still questioning why you need our Body Scrub? or have you already left this page and bought yours HERE. 



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